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HR Outsourcing

Let us to be your HR Manager (on or off-site) so you can:


Minimize HR Costs

Our outsource clients spend about 30 – 60% less on HR Support than they would if they employed a full-time HR Manager. This is mainly because, unlike other firms, we do not charge monthly retainers and are always on call for HR Advisory work. In determining how best to structure your HR Support, we simply review your needs, agree a plan and only charge on a time-spent basis.

Generally speaking, and to help you budget for outsourcing, the hours of HR support usually correspond to business size as follows:

Hours per month:
Under 10 people: 4 – 6
10 – 30 people: 12 -15
30 – 50 people: 20

Clients usually budget additional funds for major HR processes such as annual performance/compensation reviews, seasonal recruitment campaigns, etc.. and for ad hoc HR Advisory work.



Secure Credible, Superior Quality HR Management

With extensive experience in all areas and at all levels of HR practice, and ready to handle even the most difficult people issues, we have instant credibility with your People and Management.

We get the day-to-day work done effectively and seamlessly work with your existing HR team locally and abroad.

And, without any monthly retainer, you have the comfort of knowing we are always on call to assist you with any sensitive HR Advisory issues.



Add Value to your Organization

We believe in continually improving your HR function as we manage it: streamlining processes, creating more flexible and resilient solutions, improving communications for better impact, etc..

It all adds up to more value for your organization, now and in the longer-term.



Get better Business Results

With our Big-Picture focus, we manage your HR practice to make it more business-results oriented.

So when we see ways to get your people working better to produce results – we let you know, and put solutions in place.