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Combining leading management theory with business intelligence and common-sense, we offer our clients practical & progressive solutions for a sustainable business future.

Is your business Innovative and Agile?
Do you have multiple Growth Strategies?
Is the Voice of the Customer driving Innovation?
What are your relevant Performance Indicators?
Are your Operations Optimized?
What is your Talent Strategy?
Are your Leaders Ready?
Does your Strategy have Buy-in from your people?
Can you Execute Strategies with Flexibility?

Strategic Planning & Organizational Development:

Organizational Assessment – We help you answer the question:
“Where are we now?”

We take a critical look at your business & operating models, reviewing your performance metrics, assessing internal strengths & weaknesses, external opportunities & threats, and articulating the gap between strategic ambitions & corporate reality. We drill down to identify underlying assumptions, the root of inefficiencies, and drags on profitability. We provide alternative perspectives, and business intelligence to get a clear picture of where you are today – in the context of today’s key business issues.

Strategy Development – We help you ask the question:
“Where do we want to be?”

Using the information discovered on Assessment, and in the context of today’s key business issues, we work with you to define strategies for growth, operational optimization, innovation & agility, identifying ways to effectively transform your organisation.

Strategic Planning – We help you answer the question:
“How do we get there?”
To effectively transform your organization, we approach the drafting of strategic plans in a dynamic way, ensuring you take a multi-strategy, customer-focused and opportunity-driven approach to best increase the resilience of your business.

Identify and deploy Corporate Metrics that are true indicators of successful corporate performance
There’s an old management saying- “You can’t manage what you can’t measure”. This concept still holds true for companies today. Key Performance Indicators ( “KPI’s”) or Key Success Indicators (“KSI’s”) are quantifiable metrics that reflect the critical success factors for your business. We work with you in developing key measurable and actionable indicators that drive success. Whether it is an Executive Dashboard or just a few simple metrics on a Balanced Scorecard, we work with you and your team to ensure that you are measuring what truly matters to your business.

Tell the story – We help you tell the real story behind the numbers. We work with all levels of management from front-line supervisors to C-level Executives and teach them how to think about the core business strategies, the key initiatives required for implementation, the money required and the risks to the business of not pursuing or not investing. We train them on how to tell the story that goes with the numbers and what critical pieces of information they need to highlight and report on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Sell your Strategy – For your strategy to succeed, your people must be clear on what they have to do, and buy into it. We help you sell your strategy to your people, through transparency, effective cascading of objectives & strategic communications.

Get your Leaders Ready – Building a sustainable organization requires visionary leaders that are capable of addressing current business needs and, through agility and strategic management, are capable of preparing successfully for its future business, market, and operating environment. We help you find those visionary leaders whether within your company or in the external market and work with them to successfully implement your corporate goals.

Win the Battle for Talent – Talent Scarcity is a reality in today’s global labor market. We can help you market yourself as an Employer of Choice, utilise internal referral networks and social media and use other creative ways to reach external Talent. And, we can help you best leverage the power of your existing Talent by using the Gallup organization’s groundbreaking assessment tool, the Clifton StrengthsFinder (based on more than 50 years of research conducted by Dr. Donald O. Clifton, the father of Strengths-based Psychology). Our Gallup Certified Strengths Coach identifies the Strengths of your people and builds on them to ensure your existing Talent performs better, is more engaged and stays with you longer.

Talent Management

Execute with Flexibility – To help you be more responsive to change, we create flexible and straight-forward execution mechanisms that keep everybody moving with the new direction and able to change direction to meet new challenges.