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People Development

Engage. Retain. Compete more effectively.


Research consistently shows that employees who are able to develop their skills will be more productive and stay longer. And, in today’s fast changing business environments its even more important to build skills in a targeted way that makes the most of your existing Talent to achieve business results.

Work with us to ensure your leaders and people are ready for their next challenge. We are committed to bringing the world’s leading development solutions to Bermuda and which address current business concerns. Contact us for more information as we offer many more solutions not listed below.

Strategic L&D analysis & planning
Customised Training & Coaching
Testing & Assessments
Leadership Development
People Skills for Managers
Customer Service Standards & Delivery


Leadership Development

Our most Senior Consultants will work with individuals and small groups on the development of specific skills.




Testing & Assessments

We work with Benedict Associates Ltd to offer our clients personality and psychological assessments for both individuals and teams. These tests are often used in combination to assist with leadership and team building situations or can be used during recruitment processes, promotion appraisals, performance analysis, or to assess mental agility for a specific duty or work-related position.




Team Building

We assess the challenges facing your team and then customise a team-building solution using our in-house expertise combined with the strength of proven team building programmes from Gallup Strengthsfinder and Netspeed Leadership. Our Consultants are expert at identifying core issues and changing the team’s energy from negative to positive, ensuring that the momentum continues into the workplace with a continuing system for successful teamwork.




People Skills for Managers

Engagement and turnover costs are alot higher than most companies think. Gallup estimates that only 20 to 30% of employees are engaged and productive. That leaves 70 percent or more as not doing what we need them to do According to leading research (Gallup, Deloitte), your managers’ people skills are key to your turnover problem. Companies with the lowest turnover and highest productivity like Google know this. And though we all may think it’s the foozball tables and other perks these companies offer their employees that keep them engaged and staying, the research shows that its the relationship between manager and employee that accounts for high engagement and low turnover.

You pay your managers to behave in certain ways, but they may not have the people skills to behave as expected.

We will assess your needs, and provide a customised training and/or coaching solution using resources from our partners Gallup Strengthsfinder and Netspeed Leadership Programmes. To ensure ROI and continued learning, we put a system in place to monitor progress and promote further learning.


Customer Service & Standards

For service driven organizations, creating memorable customer experiences are cornerstones to success. Employees with effective customer interaction and service skills will feel a greater sense of engagement and commitment to their jobs. In turn, positive WOW customer experiences enhance guest loyalty and have a direct impact on improving organizational profitability.

To help clients accomplish this goal, with our partner Amrita Bhalla of A.B. Consulting we provide Customer Service and Standards training with the following components:

  • Define service standards
  • Understand behaviours and attitudes of self and others
  • Develop keys to successful communication
  • Understand complaint handling and service recovery

The content can be customized to a multitude of industries with a core focus on the customer journey to include a variety of industries such as: hospitality; food service operations; retail; and airlines.