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& Immigration Experts

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Our Philosophy

Since we started in 2000, we have had the same straight-forward way of doing business:


We know our stuff

Led by Kelly Francis, a well-respected HR Leader and Consultant for over 25 years, we are a highly-skilled team of professionals with significant consulting and corporate leadership experience across many industries.

We have a solid reputation for meeting our clients’ needs, providing sound advice and delivering as promised.

Based in Bermuda, we also have consultants in Canada and the United States.


We appreciate the Big Picture

We know that one size does not fit all. And, that your needs are determined not only by what happens inside your business, but also by what is happening around it, now and in the future (i.e. the “Big Picture”).



We get results and create lasting value

We believe in getting you the best results and exceeding expectations wherever possible. We also strive to create lasting value for your company through knowledge transfer, enhanced operations, stronger people, and solutions that evolve with your business and the Big Picture.



We work with companies like yours

Our clients represent a diverse section of the local economy and include both international and local businesses varying in size from the few to the few hundred.



We are available when you need us

We work as a close knit team, ensuring that our clients always have someone they can rely on and providing after hours support to accommodate both the unexpected as well as our overseas clients.



We respect your budget, and your timeline

We spend time up-front finding out what you need, breaking down the estimated work and costs as far as we can, and outlining factors that may impact cost and time as we progress.

We talk about contingencies and alternatives, before we start the job, and we keep talking as we go along — because we know you don’t like surprises.