HR Solutions & Services

• Bespoke Solutions, When You Need Them •

HR Start-Up

We can get you set up with solutions that are scaled as you grow. These can include:

• Legally compliant and best practice HR policies, procedures and supporting documents

• The pillars of corporate culture – your Mission & Values

• Performance management structure  aligned with corporate culture & KPIs

• Manager & employee training

• HR advisory support as you need it (and with no monthly minimums)

Legislative & Regulatory Compliance Review

Periodic review of employee files to ensure that they are fully compliant with local HR legislation, are competitive and meet industry best practice standards.

Workforce & Succession Planning

We assist in creating workforce plans that support business strategy by looking at key capabilities and roles, opportunity costs, and identifying succession candidates.

Outplacement Support

We sensitively manage outplacement ensuring all candidates are optimally positioned to succeed. All candidates work with our experts to receive ongoing career counselling & practical assistance with all aspects of job search including interviewing skills, personal image & marketing themselves effectively.


Performance Management

We can help you re-frame your Performance Management system and get the engagement results you need to drive performance. Or, we can step in to assist with any discrete aspect of your existing PM process.

We have assisted clients with: appraisal meetings, training/coaching managers, cascading performance goals through the organisation, drafting of key communications, review of relative performance and ratings, salary increase and bonus plan modelling, development of progression or improvement plans, and terminations.

Payroll, Compensation & Benefits Administration

We are able to step in and manage this function as needed, or can handle the off-site administration of payroll and benefits.

We will assess and revise your compensation philosophy & program to ensure it is having the desired impact. 

Employee Engagement & Retention

Decrease turnover and increase engagement by re-focusing your budgets on activities that will actually increase engagement and reduce turnover. Our solutions are backed by data gathered through employee surveys and focus groups to ensure key decisions are based on facts.