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Our consultants have backgrounds in Corporate Leadership, Management Consulting, Strategic HR, Leadership Coaching, and Organisational Development - just to name a few.

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Kelly Francis

Managing Director

Kelly Francis brings over 30 years’ experience to the human resource and organizational change management industry. In November 2000, she launched Performance Solutions Limited, a full-service human resource and immigration management consulting firm with a team of consultants based in Bermuda, Canada, the US and UK. Before Performance Solutions Limited, Kelly honed her skills with notable organisations such as Johnson & Johnson, AT&T and IBM. 

Our Office

Shelina Burt

Immigration Manager

Hiliary Every

Senior Consultant

Warren Jones

Senior Consultant

Jennifer Kearns

Senior Consultant

Lynette Powell

Payroll & Accounting Specialist (CPA, CMA)

Marcia Pringle

Senior Consultant

Georgana Thomas

Office Manager &
Recruitment Administrator

Karen Trott

Senior Consultant

Our Consultants

Birute Adams

Senior Management Consultant

Amrita Bhalla, AB Consulting

Senior Consulting Partner

Tanji Reed Marshall, PhD

Senior Education Consulting Partner

Jenn Mazza

Social Media Manager