Learning & Development

• Soft and Hard Skills Training •

Leadership Coaching & Development

Our most Senior Consultants will work with individuals and small groups on the development of specific skills.

Testing & Assessments

We work with Benedict Associates Ltd to offer our clients personality and psychological assessments for both individuals and teams. These tests are often used in combination to assist with leadership and team building situations or can be used during recruitment processes, promotion appraisals, performance analysis, or to assess mental agility for a specific duty or work-related position.

Team Building

Our consultants assess the challenges and core issues facing your team to then customise a sustainable solution using our in-house expertise combined with the strength of proven team building programmes, like Gallup Strengthsfinder, to re-engage and motivate your team.

People Skills for Managers

We work with managers to ensure they have the soft and hard skills necessary to lead a successful team – ensuring turnover rates stay low and employee satisfaction remains high. To ensure ROI and continued learning, we put a system in place to monitor progress and promote further learning.

Customer Service Standards

We partner with Amrita Bhalla of A.B. Consulting to provide Customer Service and Standards training that can be customised to a multitude of industries with a core focus on the customer journey such as: hospitality; food service operations; retail; and airlines.